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After many years of planning and teaching workshops for miniature groups both locally and at international shows, there has been a growing interest from those who want to work on projects independently, at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes.

I can now introduce  the start of a range of workshop projects that can be made at home, aimed at those with a reasonable ability and some experience or understanding.

For each project you will receive a comprehensive package of timber and materials, taking much of the hard work out of creating your own miniature furniture, but without removing the need for your own skilful shaping and accurate assembly.

Each pack includes:

- A detailed booklet following every stage of the project;

- Scale drawings;

- Prepared cutting list of timber and parts;

- Sundries needed to complete the piece;

- Finishing materials (subject to postal restrictions)

The first available projects are:

- Chippendale dining chair kit. CCH1 Price £34.99 + postage

- Chippendale dining armchair / carver kit. CACH1 Price £39.99 + postage

- George III pedestal dining table,  either D-end or rectangular rounded corner top with two sizes for either 6 or 8 chairs.

Price (for all table options)  £74.99 

Free shipping on all orders over £50.00  ( international orders may be subject to customs/ fees at your cost)

All kits are 1/12th scale.Miniatures.

George III pedestal dining table kit contents​

   GDT 8D                George III pedestal dining table D- end.

                       (205mm long x 97mm wide) Approx. 8"x 4"

George III pedestal dining table D- end.

GDT 8R  George III pedestal dining table rectangular with rounded corners.

(205mm long x 97mm wide) Approx. 8"x 4"

Table options. (All 97mm wide x 62mm high).

GDT 8D (205mm long D- end for 8 chairs) as above. (will also work for 6 chairs)

GDT 8R  (205mm long rectangular with rounded corners for 8 chairs) (Gives most place setting space for 8 chairs)

GDT 6D (170mm long D- end for 6 chairs)

  (Ideal for smaller dining room)

GDT 6R  (170mm long rectangular with rounded corners for 6 chairs)    (Ideal for smaller dining room)


See table end board shape in table contents photograph above.

Make a paper template to check your room space allowing 50mm per chair width.

                           Chippendale dining armchair / carver.​ Kit contents.

Chippendale dining chair unfinished. CCH1

                           Chippendale dining armchair / carver​ unfinished.   CACH1

                           Chippendale dining armchair / carver​ finished with stain.

To Order:

Please email [email protected] the details, including the Kit Code and number of kits required.

Alternatively use payment options on SHOP page.

For example, for four chairs and two carvers / armchairs please indicate:

4 x CCH1

2 x CACH1

For tables

GDT plus     number of chairs plus end shape D or R

Please also include the following information:



Mailing address (if different)

email address for your Paypal invoice (international payments only)


Postage for single kit within the UK starts at £2.93

You will receive an invoice with payment options and combined postage, if ordering more than one kit. ( There is a 10% discount on duplicate orders of the same chair kit without booklet).

Refund policy:

Full refund if returned in original condition (Buyer pays return postage).

Tools needed to complete the chair kit:

You will need.

Small precision needle files set (metal with fine edges, not diamond) 140 mm or smaller

6 mm / 12 mm drum sander and hobby drill

Scalpel / Xacto knife / or chisel

Metric steel rule

Small sharp scissors

Small square

Spray clear laquer/ sealer. Acrylic.

 Tools needed to complete the table kit:

You will need.

o.5 mm /1 mm /1.2 mm drill bits and a drill.

Flat work/cutting board.

Kitchen foil.

Quality superglue or  2 part epoxy resin.Clear dry.

Small flat file.

12 mm drum sander and hobby drill

Scalpel / Xacto knife / or chisel

Metric steel rule

Small sharp scissors

Small square

Tweezer/plier/flush cutters.

Stain or preferred wood finish (if postal restrictions apply)

Spray clear laquer/ sealer. Acrylic.

Covid 19. Due to limited services, some postal delays are expected for the foreseeable future and this may delay any international orders.